Thursday, June 28, 2007

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Back to Real Life

Well, we've been back from vacation for 5 days now...and it feels like we're back in the groove. Except I still have a suitcase that's half full of clean clothes. At least they're clean!!! I have to say that I've been exploring some different ways to promote my shirts online. Quite honestly, this blog is one of them. I've set up a page on MySpace (and a blog there). I've done a lens on Squidoo. The lenses are actually pretty fun. I'll probably do more. I've registered for some top 100 sites (This one for CafePress, This one for CafePress, and This one for Zazzle) All in all, I've put a nice chunk of time into this. I mean, it's fun to do...but is it worth it? I guess time will tell!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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Come Vote For Me!

Hello! Come and vote for my gallery on Zazzle. Every vote is deeply appreciated. Gotta get the ball rolling now that I'm back from vacation (which was fantastic, by the way). Love the Outer Banks!!!

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Monday, June 4, 2007

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OK, even though I get to go to the beach this year, I've spent quite a few years vacationing in 'Porchville.' So, I've created a line of t-shirts around this very popular place. I think they're funny. You might not. Oh well...check them out, anyway. I'm particularly proud of the police patch---I think it really looks like a patch. So, here's the pic of that... but check out the whole line!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

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New Shirt---and a venting session in one!

OK, I did a new t-shirt last night that took a stand against toy companies. I hate the way they package toys. All those wire twistie-tie thingies that you can't cut with regular scissors suck. I don't feel it is right to have to get out wire cutters to open some tub toys for a two year old. By the time I finally do get these toys out, my girls have ventured off to create some work of art on a wall. ARRGHHH! I think all parents should unite---before we all lose our minds and patience! I put it on a greeting card, too. OH---and you can get it at It's under the Mommy and Family section.