Friday, November 23, 2007

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Some Twisted Holiday Thoughts

On this, Black Friday, I've created my first Christmas design. Did I go shopping today? Um..NO!!! I spent the day in my comfy clothes at home with the kids. That was after waking up at 2 am to down some Pepto. I'm not used to eating all that food!!! But it was good. Anyway, here's the design for today. I hope it doesn't offend anybody (um, I guess it might offend somebody who's a hoe, but who would really admit it?)

Hoe, Hoe, Ho Ho Ho!

As usual, it's available on shirts, mugs, hats and more. I made a greeting card, also. I think that would be great to send out to the family!!! It's also available at Zazzle. Hope everybody had a great turkey day!!! Get your shopping done :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

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OK, New Christmas/Pittsburgh design

Hey, here's the latest. And just in time for Christmas. I think that the design looks great on a greeting card or ornament (I've included both pics), but it's also available on shirts, mugs and the like. This idea has been brewing around in my head for a while, but I couldn't exactly decide what I wanted it to look like. I'm pretty happy with it...and proud of my lights on the tree. Well, without any further babbling, here it is:

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

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Free Shipping from CafePress

Hello all!!! Just wanted to pass along this little info. CafePress is offering free shipping on orders over $50. But the special only lasts until Friday at midnight PST (3 am Saturday for us EST people). They will be running another free shipping promo, but it will be on $75 or more. So act quickly! Here's the info for the current free shipping offer:

CafePress Free Shipping Offer

As always, you can use it in my store,, or you can use it throughout the entire Shop or Create What's on Your Mind at CafePress site. Use code FREESHIP_50

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Wow...I went to the movies!

I am so excited...I went to the movies. Not a regular date with my hubby, mind you. A family date with all four of us. It was the first movie that Chloe has sat through. We had a failed attempt to see Shrek 3 at the cheapie movies. She lasted about a half an hour or so. We went to see the Bee Movie yesterday. I thought it was pretty funny. I actually laughed out loud a couple of times. Maybe that was due the giddiness that the girls were really behaving well. And the icing on the cake was that we got to use our $40 gift certificate that Tony won LAST Christmas at his work Christmas party. Chloe did, actually, end up falling asleep on my lap. And I spent the middle 40 minutes of the movie with my arm totally asleep. But that's OK. Becca also liked the movie very much. Before we went in, we had to try to win stuffed bees from the claw machine, of course. We won one for each girl (after about $12 worth of tokens!). The girls were even game for going out to dinner after the movie. The behaved pretty well there, too. Sketchy towards the end, but they had been sitting still for quite a long time! So, thumbs up for the Bee Movie, and thumbs up for the fact that I can actually take my girls to a movie every once in a while. Good timing, seeing that it's getting cold and miserable here in Pittsburgh!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

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A design for the divas!

OK, here's another design from my brain. I probably would not wear this shirt, but that doesn't mean I don't think it's funny!!! And, I actually know plenty of people who either a) should wear this shirt or b) would wear this shirt. So here it is. It says "I wish I could be you so I could be friends with me."

Clicking the above picture will take you to the available products on CafePress. You can also purchase it at Zazzle, which offers some different products.

On an unrelated note...the Steelers got lucky today, and pulled it out in the second half. It made me happy. And, I actually got to watch the game without TOO MANY interruptions from the kids.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

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Hey...two quick things

Hello all! Just two quick notes. One is that I've re-located all of my anti-Steely McBeam merchandise into my main store. So, it is now available on more products for you to show your hatred! Here are the links:

AND, I just did a little Squidoo Lens (Hopefully the first in a series) that features my Grandma Stella's recipes. Go and check it out! Grandma Stella.
Let me know that you visited by leaving a comment, and rate my lens!

OK, that's all for now!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Thought this was funny... design time. I recently saw a picture of a black and white rainbow and it said 'Straight' underneath. You can see it at T-shirt Hell. By the way...that website is totally funny. Most of their shirts crack me up. There aren't many that I would wear---and my mind is a little cleaner (I guess) when it comes to creating stuff. But it's totally funny. There's a banner at the end of this post if you'd like to check out their site.

Anyway, back to the new design. I kind of melded two rainbows together, and here's what I got:

I just thought it was funny. So, that's today's design!

By the way...awesome game last night. And I actually got to watch it! Rumor has it that my hubby didn't get home until 3 am. He's still sleeping!

Oh, here's the t-shirt hell banner:

Monday, November 5, 2007

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I love atta boys!

Wow...two posts in one day. But both about the same design. I published it on Zazzle, and got an award. Here's the link to it on there. Not sure about the models they have on Zazzle now. But at least this guy looks like he's a little crazy :)

Team Tryptophan shirt

Team Tryptophan by hdowney
Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

So, anyway, it won a today's best award. Gotta feel good when somebody thinks you did a good job :)

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More Thanksgiving Lint

Ok, another new Thanksgiving design. This one is all about being sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner. Hell, I'm sleepy as soon as I wake up. But Tryptophan will make it worse! Go and get yours so you can wear it to dinner! It says "Team Tryptophan. Serious Eating, Serious Sleeping"

I'm working on anther Thanksgiving design...maybe something more sweet, like a Thanksgiving Prayer? It's just so cute when my daughter says it. Gotta see if there's a copyright on it. OK...GO STEELERS!!! My hubby will be at the game tonight. But I'll be watching it from my warm and cozy couch.